How To Get Started With A Plant-Based Diet – Copy


We all want to choose a diet that nourishes our body, protects our health, and at the same time empowers us as conscious consumers who want to help save our planet. How? Plants. That is the simple answer.
Many people are now switching to plant-based diets and thriving, benefitting from the nutrition of vegetables, nuts, whole grains, and fruits. It is one significant step to improving health, boosting energy levels, and preventing diseases.
But where do you start? First, remember what motivated you to begin this journey, and keep it close to your heart. It could just be one or all of these reasons—for your health, animals, and planet. It will take a lot of discipline and mindfulness, but it is worth it.
Below are some tips to get you started on your plant-based diet journey.
· Lessen meat consumption. Take smaller amounts each time.
· Go for greens. Try various green leafy vegetables. Cook them in different ways to preserve their nutrients and taste.
· Incorporate vegetables and fruits into your meals. Fill your plate with vegetables at lunch or dinner. Make it colorful, too. Eat fruits for dessert to satisfy your sweet cravings after a meal. Have vegetables as a snack.
· Prepare and cook a vegetarian meal at least once a week. Try beans and vegetables for dinner or lunch. Begin the day with whole grains for breakfast, like oatmeal or quinoa.
Whether you start in small steps or go all-in, the time to make the change is now. Transitioning to a vegan lifestyle is the best thing you do for yourself and the planet.
(If you have special dietary needs or supplements, it is best to ask for medical advice from your doctor)